Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I've never experienced a storm like this one! Last night there was heavy snow, extremely strong winds, AND thunder and lightening! I woke up this morning and the news is reporting 19.5" of snow in Chicago, but the drifts around my apartment are 3-4 feet! It's still snowing, still blowing, and I'm not going anywhere! :)

Elle hates all the snow. I don't blame her. It's so much deeper than she is tall! When I opened my door this morning she saw the big drift , turned her back, and ran to hide in my room! LOL. Stinker.

Abby is a little unsure what to think, but I put on my snow clothes, wrapped her up in her winter coat, and we went out to play! (Mind you we couldn't get off my porch. We were literally playing in the snow right beside my front door.)

We are truly snowed in! What an experience- I'll never forget this!

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