Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day

There is a blizzard in Chicago!! The National Weather Service calls it a "life threatening" storm saying "strong wings and blinding snow will make travel nearly impossible". Weather.com suggests "this may be the biggest snowstorm the city has seen". And we just got a snow day in medical school- seriously, that's unheard of! I have absolutely no desire to drive in it, but it' s actually really pretty looking out my window with Abby and Elle cuddled next to me. :)

I think I'll enjoy this snow while I'm stuck in it. Maybe tomorrow I'll go sledding or roll around in the two feet of snow we are expected to get with the dogs, and I'll even make a snow angel. Here is a picture of Abby playing the snow when we lived in Indy. Darling, isn't she?

I may be stuck in the cold, but I'm dreaming of warm weather, sunshine, pina coladas, and the ocean. Why?? Because I'm going to Los Cabos, Mexico for spring break!!! I'm so totally thrilled. My Grandma Willie and I will be staying here:

And we will be relaxing in this pool:

And this is the sunset in Cabo:

Yayyy!! I mean really, I don't think I could dream of a better spring break! Well, unless I could bring the dogs with me...

This is a silly picture I took of us with Photo Booth since we are snowed in today. Abby looks weird. Haha :)

Stay safe out there everyone!!

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  1. ahahahaha, I love that last picture! and abby in the snow. Don't bring Elle out there, she'll get lost!