Friday, June 17, 2011

Just another picture to burn!

Oh my, it has been a while since I have wrote a new post and so much has happened! I took the boards, saw my family and best friend in Indiana, finished the first week of my internal medicine rotation, ended an inevitably doomed fling, and lately (since Miss USA aired) I've found myself doing a lot of reflection. All of which are incredibly good things! :)

Speaking of Miss USA, I still don't have cable so thank you to the creator of Hulu for allowing me access to one of my favorite events of the year! It was definitely entertaining, and the new Miss USA is gorgeous! I spent most of the show, however, remembering what it felt like to be on that stage and how different I feel now. The two worlds- pageantry and medicine- are entirely different. I feel like I have had two careers by only age 25! Lol. That was an incredibly fun time in my life full of personal growth, and I will always cherish it as part of who I have become. But I must say, though pageantry was more "fun"... I have never been more fulfilled than I am in medicine. I have pushed myself so much harder that I could've ever imagined was possible and somehow survived, which still shocks me. When one of my first patients told me, "Thank you so much. You have made me feel better when no one else seems to care, and I am the sickest I have ever been." My heart was filled with warmth and all that studying was worth it! What a privilege it is to be able to care for people during their most difficult times! Seriously. This is a privilege. I think it's important to remember that this life is not all about ourselves, what clothes we wear or what we look like. It's about giving to others. That's where the real joy comes from! Plus... and I'm not sorry for saying this... our society's view of "beauty" is totally warped! To me, beauty= individuality and a kind heart!

Well, this is a little pathetic, but since I have to wake up at 5am every morning... It's currently 10:30 pm, and it is way past my bedtime. So enough writing for now! Oh, but I should add- I'm counting down the days until I can move into my new apartment. 12. Yay! :)

Wishing everyone a lovely week. :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

2. More. Days.

Well, 2 days left of studying from dusk to dawn. I'm so scared and so relieved at the same time. My praying knees haven't gotten lazy... I'm asking Jesus for help just about every hour of every day.

My best friend, Steph, has written a new song and it's amazing. I love her voice. I love her writings. And I love that she has a dream she dedicated her life to chasing; I admire her so much for that. (Her band's name is Ranger and they are based out of Nashville.) This video made my day!

Congratulations to my little sister, Hannah, who is graduating from high school tonight! You are one cool chick my dear, and your impersonations of Dad are stellar! I have no doubt that life is going to take you fantastic places. Your honest character, strong morals, witty humor, and heart of love will carry you a long, long way through the exciting years of college and life. Love you more than words can say, ding ding!
Look out world, here comes Hannah in Dad's RV!!!!