Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Abby's Best Friend

Abby's best friend, Maggie, has been really sick lately. In fact, on Saturday my family thought she had died. We were all so sad, and we were mourning her loss. Later that afternoon she surprised us all by walking around, though she was blind at the time. It turns out she has a congenital hepatic shunt that prevents her liver from clearing toxic waste products like ammonia. The ammonia levels built up really high in her brain, and that's why she was having these neurologic symptoms. I understand it to be similar to hepatic encephalopathy, but she is (obviously) not an alcoholic. Anyway, our amazing vet saved her life with lots of fluids, lactulose, and antibiotics. Maggie is by no means out of the woods, but she is doing much better- even her vision is back! God really does produce miracles on Earth!! Please keep Maggie in your prayers. She's such a sweet girl, my family loves her, and (as if that's not a good enough reason) she is Abby's best friend!

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