Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I bought 6 cookies.

I just bought 6 cookies from the Corner Bakery. Seriously. Six!!! Needless to say, finals week + boards studying has me a little stressed. All I really want is a diet coke from McDonald's in a large styrofoam cup with my six cookies and a motorcycle ride in this lovely sunshine. But it's not in cards for me today. I have no motorcycle and GERD that's worse than ever so I can't drink diet coke..... Well, at least I got the cookies!

1 comment:

  1. Hahahaha I was craving a dc yesterday and ice-cream. It was baaaaaaad! I resisted but barely. I read the tone it up email of the day and their 28 day or so countdown to bikini season. I've accepted that I'll never have flat lower abs but it convinced me to skip the sweets and processed beverage. Still it was painful. Loooove! I just rode my bike from home to carbou (in a skirt, I mean they do that in Europe why not the w suburbs?) and all I want now is to sit outside and look at the pretty tulips and enjoy the smell of magnolia trees.

    Enjoy those cookies girlfriend!