Monday, May 23, 2011

25 years

Ah, how surreal... time passes so fast! It seems like just yesterday that Steph and I were complaining about being old while working at Nordstrom (ages 21 and 22). Lol. I would totally go back to that age!!!! :) Though twenty-five is older, and yes, it feels older... I also feel wiser. And since I go to bed every night praying for wisdom, I suppose this stepping stone in "growing up" is good one.

I feel so blessed to have received so many happy birthday wishes! And lucky me, I even got a few gifts that I am so totally excited about! :) An amazon gift card, Toms, flowers, a box of cookies, popsicles (Haha)... I feel really loved! (Take note boys: All girls LOVE flowers.)

An update on my boards studying... It's actually going much better than it was! My birthday flowers are sitting on the table while I study, which already makes it so better, and I broke down and got a diet coke for my birthday. :) And I feel much more calm and refreshed after a short trip to Toronto over the weekend. It's such a cool city, and I was in amazing company, which was the best part! (I should plug Porter Airlines, because they were the bomb digity! Flying was actually really enjoyable with them- Starbucks coffee, wine, snacks, free internet, and no fees to check your bags. Amazing!)

I'm missing Abby and Elle like crazzzzy!! Just look at this little princess... (picture sent to me from my little sister) She has "I miss you too, Mom" written all over her face!

I hope everyone has great week! :)

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