Sunday, December 12, 2010

Professor's Sense of Humor

I love when my professors have a sense of humor. It helps me remember information and keeps the material entertaining. :) While studying for my upcoming Pharmacology exam I came across this practice question:

"A middle-aged sedentary male returning home from work one evening is greeted at the door by his children. They ask if he would quickly bring in their pet dogs, running free in the yard, because the entire family has just received a late invitation to go out for dinner. After a few minutes he stumbles into the house clutching his chest in pain. After blurting out "Who....Who..Who let the dogs out!" he collapses in a chair. His wife immediately calls the local paramedics who after arriving and examining the patient ask him whether he has taken the drug Viagra within the last 24 hours. Looking somewhat puzzled by this question, he answers "Yes, but that's not why I was chasing the dogs". What is the condition this patient is suffering from and what drug should the paramedics not give him to avoid a possible fatal adverse interaction with Viagra?

Haha, I've been laughing so hard at this question. :) The answer by the way is classic angina pectoris- don't give nitroglycerin!

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