Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Sweetest Race

I had such an awesome weekend! I ran my first race ever... and I didn't walk at all. Ally, my cousin/best friend, and I finished the 5K in 33.27minutes- not too bad! And now we are thinking of running a turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning. :)

We also volunteered at the Chili Cook-off for my favorite non-profit organization, The Arts of Life. I LOVE this event! The food is amazing, the people are fun, the Arts of Life band is really entertaining, and I actually feel like I make a difference! I'm so glad my friends Caroline and Steve were able to come too!

This is one of Ally and I's favorite songs by the Arts of Life Band- Shark Attack. Our other favorite is Puppies and Babies. :)


  1. I saw you at the Chili Cook-Off! You kept coming to the front of the beer line to grab as many beers as you could carry [for cook-off contestants? your friends?] while those of us who merely paid money to attend the event waited in line for 45 minutes or more.

    Nice work!

    I agree, though. Other than the virtually interminable beer line, the event was great.

  2. hotfive.... really....? To keep it short the beers were neither for the volunteers carrying them nor for friends of the volunteers. Just ask next time, no need for snarkiness

    We're glad you were there and appreciate your support for Arts of Life!