Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Me

Have you ever had a month so full of fun and learning and challenges and making new friends that you just wanted to stop time so it would never end? Well that's how I feel today! It was the last day of my plastic surgery rotation. Part of me just isn't ready to move on! I thought I would share some fun, key points I learned: 1. Botox is the most amazing drug ever! 2. Beauty can be measured by symmetry, sizes, shapes, and ratios, but the key to attractiveness is feeling good about yourself and smiling during a first impression. Ultimately the job of a plastic surgeon is to help the patients feel better about themselves! 3. Creating a brand for your business, dressing the part, building "facts" to support you, and aequanimitas are essential in building a successful practice. And 4. Get a mentor. A really freakin' awesome one.

"Whatever the future may have in store of success or of trials, nothing can blot the memory of the happy days I have spent in this city, and nothing can quench the pride I shall always feel at having been associated, even for a time, with a Faculty so notable in the past, so distinguished in the present, as that from which I now part."--W. Osler

I was so blessed to have the opportunity I did this month. Just a shout out to the Big Man upstairs who is always looking out for me- thank you! I know there is so much more to learn in the field of medicine and about myself, so third year, bring it on! General surgery starts next week.

I also wanted to send congratulations and well wishes to two of my best friends, Gosha and Anh, who have amazing things going on in their lives right now. I'm so happy for you both! For Alex, wishing you luck and skill in your training camp. I'm still your biggest fan. :)

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