Friday, June 3, 2011

2. More. Days.

Well, 2 days left of studying from dusk to dawn. I'm so scared and so relieved at the same time. My praying knees haven't gotten lazy... I'm asking Jesus for help just about every hour of every day.

My best friend, Steph, has written a new song and it's amazing. I love her voice. I love her writings. And I love that she has a dream she dedicated her life to chasing; I admire her so much for that. (Her band's name is Ranger and they are based out of Nashville.) This video made my day!

Congratulations to my little sister, Hannah, who is graduating from high school tonight! You are one cool chick my dear, and your impersonations of Dad are stellar! I have no doubt that life is going to take you fantastic places. Your honest character, strong morals, witty humor, and heart of love will carry you a long, long way through the exciting years of college and life. Love you more than words can say, ding ding!
Look out world, here comes Hannah in Dad's RV!!!!

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  1. Yay Hannah! Congrats!

    Kate, do you think once we get our schedules for the next little bit we might be able to find a weekend we're both off, then we can drive halfway to Nashville, and Steph can drive halfway to Chicago (I hope!) and surely there will be a campground somewhere in that vicinity. Now that we have a grill we really have no excuse :)