Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dead Birds, Fish, Crabs... Why??

What a mystery! Why are all these animals dying? So far there are only really lame theories if you ask me: a fireworks scare and cold water. Please!

*December 30 - fish started washing up along the sides of the Arkansas River resulting in and estimated 100,000 total.
*December 30 - over 100 tons of dead fish, sardines, croakers, and cat fish wash ashore in Rio De Janerio.
*December 31 - Bebe, Arkansas saw thousands of dead birds, red winged black birds.
*January 1 - Kentucky hundreds of dead birds near Murray State University.
*January 4 -Point Coupee Parish, Louisiana, 500 dead birds, red wing black birds, found along highway.
*January 4 - hundreds of dead fish wash up on the shores of St Clair River Sania, Ontario, Canada.
*January 4 - Orange, Florida, thousands of dead fish on the banks of Spruce Creek.
*January 5 - 2 million dead fish in Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.
*January 5 - 200 dead birds in Tyler Texas.
*January 5 - Wilson, Tennessee, 150 dead birds.
* January 5 - Falkoeping, West Sweden, 50 - 100 dead birds, crows, found on a street in that city.
*January 5 - Kent England, 40,000 dead crabs, velvet swimming crabs, was ashore.
*January 5 - New Zealand, hundreds of red snapper was ashore.

Continue reading on Examiner.com: Dead bird and dead fish list totals 15 events today: dead doves in Italy (list) - Hartford Pop Culture | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/pop-culture-in-hartford/dead-bird-and-dead-fish-list-totals-15-events-today-dead-doves-italy-list#ixzz1Alywtkcn

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